Dr Morepen Bg 03 Glucometer Test Strips Box Of 25

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Product Features

  • Helps to measure blood glucose level.
  • Provides you with information on how your treatment program affects your blood glucose level.
  • Helps to test blood glucose frequently which in turn allows you to keep your diabetes in control.
  • Requires only a tiny drop of blood for the test.
  • Helps you to monitor glucose level at any time and anywhere.
  • Can be used to keep a regular tab on your sugar levels at your home

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Dr Morepen BG03 Glucometer Test Strips when used with Dr Morepen Gluco One BG03 provides fast and accurate blood sugar levels. It is a reliable and convenient method for keeping track of one�s blood sugar. It can be used both professionally in clinics or personally at homes.

Additional Features

KIT (BOX)25\'s strip
Directions For UseThe first step is to wash your hands with soap and water
Composition pat dry it with a towel. You can also use an alcohol swab to clean your finger before testing but ensure the fingertip is completely dry before you test./Remove the diabetes test strip from the box
Precautions and WarningsN/A
Manufacturer DetailsKeep it away from childrens reach./Read the label carefully before using the test strips./Check for the expiry date to ensure its accurate working./Use it with clean and dry hands./Calibrate your meter to normal before using it for each new testing
Side EffectsMorepen Laboratories Ltd
DisclaimerStore in a cool and dry place \n


(1938 Reviews)

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